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Take Charge of Your Classic


Electric Conversions for Classic Cars
In partnership with


In partnership with Electrogenic UK, we specialize in the electric conversion of

Land Rover Defender, Series Land Rover, Jaguar E-Type & Porsche 911.


We will also source vehicles to convert.

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With over 45 years of high-tech engineering experience, my career began in Britain as an aircraft engineer specializing in avionics and electronics.


I became a pilot/engineer in Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Seychelles before joining British Airways. After 25 years with BA, I finished flying in 2021 as a 777 Captain.


Now I've gone full circle - I'm back inside of an engine.

I've had a lifelong passion for vintage car and motorcycle restoration. Growing up in Cyprus in the 1960s, my family had a Land Rover during my father's time in the Royal Air Force. This early exposure sparked my passion for Land Rovers from a young age, and I've been a classic car enthusiast and engineer ever since.


All of that experience has given me valuable insight and a network of global contacts.

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Our philosophy is to stay true to these iconic vehicles and preserve the original aesthetics whenever possible.

"I love the heritage of classic cars that embody a simple beautiful design. They have a few wrinkles and creases

like all of us, but as an EV they now have a

heart of ultra-modern technology."  AW

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Founder FAQ's

What's the response to going electric?

AW: From a sustainability point of view, it's got to go electric. interest in electric vehicles is phenomenal in the U.S. We have the potential to inspire a new generation’s passion for classic cars, while contributing to a more environmentally friendly future.


As an EV, we seamlessly blend vintage aesthetics with modern technology to create fusion of past and present. You have all the pleasure and desire from operating a beautiful classic vehicle without the aggravation. It's the usability factor - you don’t have to have to deal with manual gear boxes, noise, and exhaust emissions … you just turn the key, drive and enjoy the view.

How are you preserving the classic car aesthetic?

AW: Classic cars captivate me. There's a certain romance in appreciating their history. Witnessing the positive reactions we get on the street to our EV Land Rover, especially from children, demonstrates the universal charm of these beautiful cars. And it reinforces my commitment to give these iconic vehicles a sustainable future.

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