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  • Andrew Whittam

Andrew Whittam on The Bearmach Chitchat Part 1

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Andrew Whittam discusses a 'greener future' for classic Land Rovers

Bearmach chats to those at the heart of Land Rover restorations, upgrades and the love vs pain of 4×4 ownership! This week's episode is all about Electric conversions of Land Rover vehicles! In the first of a two-part series of episodes, I speak with Dave Budge from Jaunt Motors in Melbourne, Australia and Andrew Whittam from Whittam Engineering / EV Land Rovers, New Jersey, USA, both of whom are experts in converting Land Rover Series trucks into super modern Electric run-abouts! We discuss the reception the gents have had to their builds, the passion and process behind them and touch briefly on the unique capabilities of these vehicles!

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